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CNC Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine KQ3200DE, Capacity: 6L, Ultrasonic power: 150W, Kunshan Ultrasonic


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Main performance features:

  • Washing machine adopts single chip microcomputer software operation
  • Washing machine sound cover, cleaning tank are made of high quality stainless steel
  • Digital display over temperature, over voltage, over current, low water level, no solution protection indication
  • Digital display memory, set display ultrasonic working time, ultrasonic power, liquid level (and actual liquid level), heating temperature (and actual temperature)
  • The cleaning machine circuit has an automatic frequency sweep function, which can generate continuous pulsed jets, so that the cleaning effect is more obvious and the work is more stable
  • Washer circuit and device upgrade and match, high electrical power conversion rate, low reactive power loss
  • Optional single ultrasound frequency is 20KHz, 25KHz, 28KHz, 33KHz, 40KHz


The main technical parameters
Model Number:KQ3200DE Dimensions: 320*174*350mm Inner groove size: 300*150*150mm Capacity: 6L
Standard ultrasonic frequency: 40KHz Ultrasonic frequency alternative Frequency conversion time adjustable:- Ultrasonic power: 150W
Ultrasonic power adjustable range: 40-100% Water level display: 30-120mm Heating power: 400W  
Cooling power:- Temperature setting range: room temperature -80 °C Working time adjustable: 1-480min Solution Filtration:-
Other configurations: cleaning basket, sound reduction cover, manual inlet and outlet, 220V/50Hz power supply