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CRM010 Candida Chromagar For Selective Isolation And Preliminary Identification of Candida Especially for Candida Albicans, 1L


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CRM010 Candida Chromagar
(Chromogenic Candida Agar)
For selective isolation and preliminary identification of Candida especially for Candida albicans.
Peptone and carbohydrates provide carbon and nitrogen sources; sodium chloride maintains osmotic equilibrium; agar as medium coagulant; inhibitors inhibit the growth of bacteria; mixing pigment corresponding enzyme specific reaction, hydrolysis of the substrate release the color group.
Formulation(per liter) :
Peptone :15 g
Agar :15 g
Mixing pigment: 2 g
Inhibitors :1 g
Final pH 6.1 ± 0.2
How to use:
1.Suspend 44g of product, adding 1000 mL of distilled or deionized water (increased or reduced according to scaling up), heated to boiling stirring until completely dissolved (avoid excessive heating), without autoclaving, cooling to 50 ~ 55 ℃ pour on plates around spare;
2.Taking sample and pre-enrichment of tested sample  in accordance with the appropriate standards (GB, SN, FDA, etc.) , picked a ring enrichment broth prepared streaked on the medium and incubated at 26 ~ 30 ℃ for 48 ~ 72 h, observations of suspicious colonies were picked typical qualification tests.
Quality Control:
This product appears light yellow after pouring into plate , these strains were inoculated after 26 ~ 30 ℃ 48 ~ 72 h culture growth in the following table.
Genus                         colony characteristics
Candida albicans              green - blue-green colonies
Cruise Candida            purple colonies around irregular flat
Glabrata                  centers around purple pink colonies
Candida tropicalis               iron blue colonies
Other                     other colors or inhibited
Storage: Keep container tightly closed, store in a cool, dry place, away from bright light.
Specifications: Configurable 1L of Medium.