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Mini desktop vacuum pump, Adjustable vacuum range: -300 to -600mbar, 320*120*230mm, Kylin Bell

  • Brand:Kylin Bell
  • Model:MO00050090
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 Field of application:
  Its latest instrument Lindberg A fast and economical solution for liquid waste disposal. This is a compact,
integrated vacuum operating systemwith aseparate vacuum source. The system is small and flexible, providing the most comfortable
bench-top suction experiencefor your experiment 

GL-805 convenient and safe features:
- GL-805 desktop aspirator out of the box, take out the instrument, screw on the screw cap to plug in the power to use
- The vacuum pump is very quiet, can adjust the pumping power size. Fluid pump installed on the bottle and the polymer a bacterial filter of 0.22um, the outer diameter of the filter is 55mm, 47mm diameter membranes, precision filtration 0.22um, the general role of bacteria having a filter
- full replacement fluid collection bottle It's very convenient, just unscrew the lid and empty the bottle of waste. GL-805 using a laboratory
very easy to find blue standard screw cap bottles, convenience class
- compact GL-805, can be placed at any laminar flow bench or cabinet
- spill carrying means can effectively The protection liquid does not enter the pump body. When the liquid rises and hits the buoy, the buoy will rise up against the
gascollectionpipe to prevent the liquid from being pumped into the pump. The instrument waste collection bottle is fixed by a fence to avoid accidental touch during operation. Bottle and dump it.


Extensive use of GL-805:
- Small amount of liquid from microcentrifuge tube/microplate 
- Recovery of supernatant after centrifugation (eg RNA/DNA extraction) 
- Washing of Western blot or Elisa assays 
- Residual reagent recovery 
- Protein Blotting Buffer 
- Purge excess liquid from slides or petri dishes. 
- Recover pathogenic liquids. 
- Cell staining, extraction of cell culture fluids. 
- Select light-resistant brown collection bottle as required (order is transparent blue cap bottle as standard )


Friendly Tips: 
1. Tweak the lid after replacing the collection bottle or collection bottle and drain the waste. If it is not tightened, it will cause a leak during the aspiration and it will not be able to absorb liquid. 
2. When waste liquid is collected to 800ml, waste should be drained in time. Otherwise, waste liquid may be sucked into the pump body to damage the instrument. This behavior is 
not covered by the warranty. Please pay special attention when using it. 
3. conduit regular cleaning instrument, such as long periods of cleaning conduit, thereby blocking the growth of some fungi may cause not within the conduit line 
method pipetting.   


Adjustable vacuum range: -300 to -600mbar, Vacuum flow rate: 6L/min (empty), Liquid suction speed: 15ml/s, Noise Level: less than 50db(A) within 1 meter, Overall size: 320*120*230mm (with collection bottle)


    Collection bottle capacity: 1000ml 

 Power supply: 220V 

 Total Weight: 3.5 KG


    The product collection bottle has been specially equipped with a liquid spill-prevention device. When the liquid rises and hits the buoy, the buoy rises up against the gas line.

At this point, simply drain the waste and re-tighten the cap to continue working.