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Water Circulating Multi-purpose Vacuum Pump,1~220-240V,50Hz, Power 180w, SHB-III

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  • Model:MO00670001
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The Introduction:

Providing vacuum condition for the processes of evaporation, distillation, crystallization, drying, sublimation, filtration and decompression, degassing and so on, particularly be suitable for labs and small scale test of industries such as universities and colleges, scientific research institutes, chemical industry, pharmacy, biochemistry, foodstuff, pesticide, agricultural engineering, biological engineering.

The Characteristics:

 Shell, flume, ejector, tee junction, check valve and gas-extraction nozzle adopt the PP material; pump body and impeller (six flow passages, dual seal) adopt stainless steel plate pressing, the material is in accordance with the SUS standard.

● Cyclically use water, save the precious water resources.

● Save more than 35% of electricity than other type of vacuum pump.

● The fluid muffler purpose made can reduce the gas in water and make the vacuum degree higher and more stable; reduce the friction between gas and fluid, reduce the noise.

● Double-tap, double-display, can be used alone or in parallel.

● Resist corrosion by acid, alkali and solvents.

● The special machine is made by the famous electric manufacture ODM with fluorine rubber sealing , the inner of which can't be intruded by corrosive gas.

The Requirement:

▲ Need to replace the water in the flume regularly to ensure the purity of water  quality, the vacuum degree and to avoid dirty stains.

▲ Can be used to extract corrosive gas, need to shorten the period of water changing.