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Real-Time PCR System Accurate 96, DLAB

  • Model:Accurate 96
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DLAB Accurate 96 is based on global version of product design concepts and manufacturaing processes. It creatively combines Fresnel lens optical signal acquisition technology, time-resolved signal separation technology and unique temperature control technology. And it reaches international advanced level in sensitivity, multi-color crosstalk, temperature uniformity and accuracy. It supports the application of all common qPCR detection modes.



Temperature control system

Sample capacity

 0.1ml PCR tubes×96, 8×12 PCR plate or 96 well plate ×1

Reaction volume

 10-50 μl

Thermal cycle technology


Max. Heating/Cooling rate


Heating temperature range


Temperature accuracy


Temperature uniformity

 ±0.2℃ @60℃ , ±0.2℃ @95℃

Temperature gradient setting range


Temperature gradient difference

setting range


Detection system

Excitation light source

 4/6 monochrome high efficiency LEDs 


Detection device


Detection mode

 Time-resolved signal separating technology

Excitation/detection wavelength range


Fluorescent channels

 4/6 channels

Supported dye



Mustang Purple, Cy5/LIZ


 Single copy gene


 1.33 folds copy number difference can be

distinguished in single-plex qPCR

Dynamic range

 10 orders of magnitude copies

Analysis mode

Absolute quantification, Melting curve analysis

Data output

Original file, Excel data file, results include run settings, graph and tabular data results 



1. High sensitivity 

 New optical signal detecting technology based on Fresnel lens, special high-efficiency PMT and long-life maintenance-free LED, further improves the detection 

sensitivity of the prior technology. 

2. High accuracy 

Innovative scanning mode and time-resolved signal separating technology can effectively avoid cross-interference of inter-hole signals and multi-color fluorescence. 

3. Multiple detection 

Up to 4/6 fluorescence detection channels meet the requirement of multiplex PCR. 

4. Fast and stable 

Owing to unique edge temperature compensation technology, the thermal cycle rate, temperature uniformity and accuracy of the system reach a new height. 

5. Use-friendly software 

Humanized and fully featured software provides complete solutions for sample testing, data calculating, and result analysis. 

6. Pursuing quality 

Internationalized product design ensures the superior performance of each instrument.